Five Reasons To Visit Cervantes In Perth!

One of the unknown places in Perth is Cervantes. Nestled alongside the coast, this lovely town is a place of untouched beauty; one that allows everyone to get involved. So what is about Cervantes in Perth that makes it so wonderful compared to the rest of Western Australia? We have five reasons on why you should be visiting this lovely place!

Plenty Of Natural Wonders

Let us start off with one of the main reasons that people visit Cervantes: the natural wonders. You have a choice between the calm beaches, the deep ocean (which you can see with tours from Lobster Shack) and the wild bushland. There is so much to see! Plus, visiting the Pinnacles – a set of monolithic structures – is the perfect way to explore the history of Western Australia.

Wildlife Galore!

When it comes to spring time, you cannot go past the beauty of the wildlife that comes to the fore. You will be open to seeing all types of creatures (from the sea to the ground to the sky) and all of them will blow your mind away! For a truly exciting experience when it comes to seeing the wildlife of Australia, consider Cervantes.

A Break From The Modern World

We can always do with some time away from hardcore technology and the busy lifestyle of the cities. Cervantes can provide that for you with some old-world charm that makes you feel like you’ve dropped back in time, and better yet, will give you a break to relax in old-school, yet modern accommodation in Cervantes. Get the best holiday you can imagine by breaking away from reality.

It Is Not Too Far Away!

Okay, you might be thinking that Cervantes is a huge distance from the hub of Perth. You’ll be wrong to think that. In fact, it is surprisingly close with only a two hour drive to get there. This gives you the option for a  for either spending a few days at Cervantes or just a self drive day trip from Perth. It is all down to you – and that is an option that many cities or towns don’t offer!

Something For Everyone

Whether you want to enjoy some downtime, or if you’re looking for some hardcore adventure, Cervantes can offer it all to you. There are plenty of things to do that will entice solo travellers, families and couples. So if you think that you are not going to be enjoying yourself, think again! Cervantes has everything you need for an amazing holiday!

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